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TCMS annual dinner of the 2012 Spring Festival









        On 11and 12 Jan,2012, TCM has organized annual dinner of the Spring Festival,the dinner party proceeded in a festive atmosphere,all staffs made a toast for better future of TCM . The party invited WangYun ,the chief of the Transportation Bureau of Macau, director LuoChengZhi and section chief LuYiHua ,which boosted the morale of TCM staffs .






2011 Activities of transport industry
     On November 27, 2011 (Sunday), a team ,made up by members from different departments of TCM ,took part in the competition organized by Macau Traffic bureau and won over 11 teams and triumphed .TCM thanked them for voluntarily giving up their resting time to participate the activities and gaining the reputation .Furthermore, TCM appreciated every staff who are insistent
On their own positions.Lets work together and cheer for TCM.



CNG public transport Training course in ChengDu ,SiChuan

   In order to make a good preparation for the running of the natural bus gas in advance, TCM has sent conductors in 5 batches to ChengDu Public Transport Company for the training of natural gas bus driver qualification . Although the three-day training is short ,but the content of the training is rich,all conductors participated has showed high enthusiasm and are proud of making a contribution to Macau environmental protection .After intense study, a total of 64 conductors participated have passed the written and practical test, gaining the natural gas bus driver qualification successfully .

Main training content :
‧Working principle of CNG engine
‧Working principle of major components of CNG engine
‧CNG engine and CNG system maintenance
‧Conductors daily operation ,inspecting requirements and emergency treatment



Fire drill
    In order to strengthen the awareness of fire prevention and strain capacity in a fire, front-line staff s(including conductors ,inspectors, and station master etc) had participated in several fire drills.During the drill, through simulating the engine was on fire,staffs have learned the types of fire extinguisher and the methods of putting out the fire under the guidance of professionals ,including putting out the fire flame and quick temperature reduction of engine .




Updated news

Updates for diversion or route alteration, special arrangement for vehicles and more


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