Advertising services


    As bus is the most common travel tool of Macau citizens, bus advertising becomes one of the mass medium which has closely connected with the public. Compared to other advertising medium, with the characteristics of low cost and high coverage rate, dense
Routes can transmit your message throughout streets and avenues.


Advertising services hotline : (853) 2852 2893


 1 . Internal compartments advertisement


    New bus models of TCM has internal advertisement frames,which is positioned in prominent spot and equipped with LED for better demonstration and promotion.


 2 . Advertisement on bus body


Advertisement on bus body functions as a large mobile advertising media, buses which drive around the clock will boost promotion widely.



 3 . Poster-pasting in bus


Compared to normal poster-pasting , putting up posters in the bus is featured with more human density and more time for reading.


Advertising services 《《

Advertising service, with its superior price and high efficiency , transmits your information throughout streets and avenues.


Bus hire services

We provide sincere, attentive and professional hire service to different institutions/schools/societies and private groups at a bargain price, which is well received by the customers.