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Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos de Macau, S.A.

Simply name TCM
Tel. 28850060, 28787809
Fax 28850089, 28787807
E-mail contactus@tcm.com.mo

Aterro do Pac On, Avenida Son On, Lote L, Taipa, Macau




Contact information 《《《

Address of TCM and contact number


Lost & Found

In case of any missing articles in the journey, you can register the loss at our office. We will assist you in finding the missing article on the basis of the information provided by you.


Complaints & Appraisals

If you have any comments, complaints or praises towards our services, feel free to contact us here. we will improve it for you by all means .


TCM is committed to provide comfortable and safe bus services to the public. For upgrading and improving the bus service continuously, TCM recruits and trains professionals of different areas.