Bus equipment


   In order to meet the needs of the governments public transport policy ,TCM made a purchase of scores of brand new buses . The buses are of high performance and better equipment ,emission standard reaches the fourth grade of Europe ,which meet the needs of international urban environment .At the same time ,TCM has upgraded the previous buses,including GPS and intelligent scheduling system.


  Led display boards   Bus stop button with braille ( FDG6751 & FDG6101G )  
Non-step & liftable. (HR7J / FDG6101g / FDG6951G )
Wheelchair ramp & wheelchair area ( FDG6101G & FDG6101CNG & FDG6951G ) Route Guide
Driver care
  Driver's locker (FDG6101G & FDG6751G )   GRAMMAR Airbag car seat (FDG6101G & FDG6751G )  
  Emergency door release switches( FDG6101G & FDG6751G & FDG6101CNG & FDG6951G )   Two safe escape windows ( FDG6101G & FDG6751G )  
  Automatic fire extinguishers in engine bay ( WZL )  

Anti-trap sensor(FDG6101G & FDG6751G)


Bus equipment 《《《

Introduction of the equipment on bus


Environmental bus

TCM , the first bus company which introduced the Europe 4-emission standard model .


Bus maintenance

TCM is committed to providing comfortable and safe bus service for the general public.


TCM bus

Introduction of the introduced bus models from establishment till now