“Macau Public Bus” was officially rolled out

For the purpose to meet with the trend of using smartphone and Internet, New Era and TCM had developed and rolled out the test version of Website and WeChat Official Account - “Macau Public Bus”. After two months of testing, “Macau Public Bus” was officially rolled out in 12th January.

There are several functions in “Macau Public Bus”, such as route enquiry, bus stop enquiry, public transit culture, etc. Interactive functions may also be launched later in order to allow the public to provide the comments and suggestions to us. Through “Macau Public Bus”, users can check about the real-time bus information, bus route diversion information and other useful information related to bus services, which is convenient for passengers to prepare well in taking the bus.

The preparatory work of “Macau Public Bus” had begun since last May. It had referenced to the other public transportation apps and combined with the real situation in Macau. Since from last November, New Era and TCM had started to test the function of “Macau Public Bus” in both internal and external way. After two months of testing and optimization, it had solved the problem of accurate satellite positioning. The system was now stable and the accuracy has already reached 96%.

In order to convenient for the users who did not install “WeChat”, New Era and TCM had intentionally developed the web version of “Macau Public Bus”. People can follow the WeChat Official Account by searching the keyword of “MacauPublicBus”, or through the Website http://www.macaupublicbus.com to receive the latest bus information.





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