The activity of No Skipping Bus Stop

On June, New Era and TCM promoted the activity of “No Skipping Bus Stop”. It was an activity required the bus captains to stop the buses at the bus stop correctly and do not skip the stops. Besides to promote these ideas to the frontline staffs, the companies also provided some tips for the passengers to wait the bus.

Since 1st June, New Era and TCM had sent several teams to different bus stops to check about the stopping situation of the buses. They also reminded the bus captains to pay attention while they docked the buses to the bus stops. For example, to decelerate in advance before the bus arrives at the stops, to dock the bus in the yellow area of the bus stops, to wear the “no skipping bus stop” badge, etc. Any behaviors of skipping bus stops or docking the bus stops incorrectly will be punished heavily during the inspection.

Besides to promote the ideas of “no skipping bus stops” to the frontline staffs, the companies also sent some staffs to the bus stops to distribute some leaflets about how to wait a bus correctly at the bus stop. For example, to wave your hands in advance before the bus comes, safely stay at the pathway while waiting the bus, and understand that the bus will not stop if it is fully loaded.

From this activity, the companies hoped to promote the idea of docking and waiting bus safely to both bus captains and passengers, through the cooperation of both sides to build the culture of taking bus.





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